A List of All the Dumb Stuff I’ve Done

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1. Jumped over that fence and broke my leg

I jumped over a fence. Because, it was a fence, and jumping, and I was a particularly silly 15 (16? …) year old.

I made the jump. But the right side of my right foot landed on some thick branch and in some freak accident, both my fibula and tibia (the two main bones in the bottom section of one’s leg) bent in half and snapped.

I was out of school for several months (not even sure why anymore.. why didn’t I just go on crutches?).

The end.

2. Probably should have done all my homework

This one is self explanatory. I should have also taken college more seriously, but I honestly just had no idea what I wanted to do.

3. Should have never started smoking / should quit right now

This one is self explanatory.

I will add stupid stuff I’ve done as it comes to mind. Feel free to remind me though, and I’ll be happy to add it to the list.

PS: inspired by Ben Shapiro’s post, So, Here’s A Giant List Of All The Dumb Stuff I’ve Ever Done (Don’t Worry, I’ll Keep Updating It), which admittedly is much more interesting, and more meaningful to the national, political climate, culture, and debate than this post, and also probably generates some significant revenue for DailyWire. At any rate, hats off To Ben.

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